Friday, 21 November 2008

I wish it could be always...

Orthofunctional spontaneity
"I wish it could be always... life is easy on such a day. I wish this peace on everyone on this lovely day."♫
Donovan - The Lovely Day - from Brother Sun, Sister Moon

I thought you might like to contemplate on some of the thoughts from one of my unpublished ‘refresher’ lecture points.


Teaching, Teaching, Teaching

What is the core you work around?

What are the most favorable conditions for learning and building habits?

What are the important elements in sustaining a healthy life?
How are they addressed?

How are the children supported in developing personal power, and consistency in taking actions?

There is always a solution, focus on the action!

Create your vision of outcomes.

Language strategies

Sensory stimulation

Temperature, fresh air, light, breathing, colors...

Type of instruction; verbal, modeling, signs, manual...

Persistency in obtaining desired response

Consistency- discipline- routine

Verbal, visual, acoustic, olfactory etc. clues to start.

Get ready, look

Multi model communication systems used...

Strategies for interaction with peers, adults

Opportunities for choices...

Active way of life, self-realization, problem solving mentality…
ultimate aim → orthofunctional personality

Strengths, skills, talents


Some characteristics of personality



Equipment used

Parents- attitude- potential difficulties

What type of support parents need?

Individual learning needs,
Home application
Age related habits

Methods, type of seating and type of sitting, how is it addressed throughout the day?


Behavior –social expectation
Self help skills
Specialized individual programs

Quality of solutions

Evaluation techniques

Unpublished Conductive Education ‘Refresher lecture points’
Judit Szathmáry 2002.
Donovan - The Lovely Day - from Brother Sun, Sister Moon

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